Business Consultancy Energy

Our Business Consultancy Energy for Oil & Gas / Energy consists of:

  • – Business Process management consultancy for efficient and secure business processes.
  • – Business Intelligence Consultancy for clear operational and strategic approach
  • – Project Management
  • – Interim management


– Industry knowledge
– Expertly insight and experience
– Pragmatic approach
– Tight communication
– Thorough approach with good agreements
– Management insight and up-to- date knowledge of BI and BPM

Project Management Energy

Entire output or management of Business Intelligence and Business Process Management projects in the Oil & Gas / Offshore Wind / Energy sector.

Phari BV

Phari stands for pragmatic and practical Business Process Management and Business Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Offshore Wind & Energy market.We are specialised in analysing, designing and implementing improvement advice for business processes in the Oil and Gas / Energy industry; Fair and affordable consultancy for good results and effective strategic and tactical solutions.

Why Phari

About us

Phari means lighthouse in Latin and represents a beacon that radiates safety and security for a safe course. That’s exactly what the motto of Phari is; a safe and sound Business Process Management, BI and Project Management service & guide to the future.


Phari is the result of years of Sales, Marketing, BI, BPM and recruitment experience in various industries such as oil & gas, energy, IT and chemistry. Professional knowledge of process technology, sales, online marketing, recruitment and many cases formed the basis for BI and BPM consultancy.


Setting up the services of Phari as independent business units.

Our advantages are to recapitulate in :

– Professional and decisively
– Pragmatic and transparent service
– Fair Rates
– We make optimized BI & BPM possible for any company

Our Services

  • BI

    Business intelligence is possible to gain insight into your business. Also gives you the means to intervene effectively and make adjustments if the results indicate that this is necessary. Strategically you will eventually come to a higher level. By working with Phari you are not alone and you have the ability to optimize your BI in a way that suits the best for you.

  • BPM

    Every business has to do with business processes. To properly match these processes with IT and BI a transformation could be needed. Phari is specialized in these kind of projects and helps its customers in optimizing business processes.

  • Project Management

    Project management and smooth execution of BI and BPM projects in the oil and gas / energy sector. Recruitment and temporary personnel services of interim managers, project managers and other professionals are also among the possibilities.

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